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StoneNotes 1.2.22

StoneNotes 1.2.22

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StoneNotes Publisher's Description

All ideas come from other ideas, or are branches off from previous ideas. StoneNotes is a powerful but easy to use note management tool to help you stay organized.
In SonteNotes, you start with a Home note from which most of your projects will branch off. As you write, whenever there is a topic that needs further discussion or expansion, you can simply double click the keyword that represents this branched topic. A link is created and you are presented with another clean sheet to write on that topic.
The Mistake Many Systems Make
Most organizational systems try to enforce a structure invented by someone else onto your thoughts. You are expected to somehow change the way you think in order to express your ideas in a format compatible with the system at hand.
Relationships - The Cornerstone of Thought
The mind is not a tree of ideas, it is relational. One idea leads to another, leads to another, creating a web in our minds that is the very fabric of our thoughts. StoneNotes is design to allow you to capture this web and commit it to an electronic form where it cannot be forgotten and is always available.
By using StoneNotes you can easily create a structure that is organic and makes sense to you, freeing you to create new ideas.
Creating The Web - Linking
This web is created by expanding on topics as they are mentioned in a note. To expand on a particular topic by creating a new note for it, simply double click the word representing the topic. This will open a clean note for you to add more information on the topic. To return to the previous note, simply click the Back button in the toolbar -- just like your web browser.
Notes can have any number of links going in or out of them: this creates a relationship web allowing you to organize your information in a way that makes sense to you.
If you're familiar with the concept of a wiki on the Internet, you may want to read about some differences between StoneNotes and regular wikis.

What's New in Version 1.2.22 of StoneNotes

Spell checker, improved interface, new plugin system, support for multiple databases

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